6 ways to create great online content by @Clarejefferis
21st July 2014
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6 ways to create great online content

Promoting your business online is a great way to reach out to a wide audience, get noticed and increase your website ranking on Google.  It’s also free which is a plus for any small business that doesn’t have a big budget to spend!

But sometimes it feels almost impossible to know what to say. I meet so many people that enthusiastically have set up a blog, a twitter account, a newsletter but they don’t post regularly because they just don’t know what to say…  If you don’t post regularly and consistently you end up not engaging with your customers and prospects and all your effort is wasted. 

So, here’s six simple ways to generate content online when you’re stuck for something to say!

1. Inspirational quotes - We all love a bit of motivation (especially women) and what better way to do that than with a quotation.  Inspirational quotes are bite-size nuggets of content and they’re a cinch to do.  You can create your own but why do that when there’s tons of famous quotes about so many different topics already out there. Try to find something that ties in with what you do so it’s relevant and post once a day on social media.  You’ll find people will relate to them and retweet them.

2. Testimonials and case studies – These are an essential part of your business and are a superb tool for demonstrating how you help your customers.  Short testimonials are simple social media posts whilst case studies can be great content for a blog post, newsletter or a piece of news on your website.  Case studies are about telling a story and these can be incredibly powerful; showing the ‘pain point’ and how your business solved it will help people relate to what you do and how you could help them.

3. Hints and tips – You are an expert in your field and sometimes we forget how much we know and others don’t!  So, post hints, tips, advice, how-tos to demonstrate your expertise. Being seen as an expert helps you to stand out and be memorable so that when people need your services they’ll think about coming to you. Don’t forget that a bunch of tips can be turned into an e-book, which you can then send out to your customers, providing them with extra added value – a great way to engage.

4. Newsfeeds – Remember the content doesn’t always have to be generated by you – especially when you’re a busy business owner.  Newsfeeds are a really easy way to deliver up-to-date, topical, interesting information about your chosen field or industry and you don’t have to write anything! You can sign up to alerts on a daily basis through Google – just choose the ones that you think will be useful and relevant to your audience.

5. Slides – If you’ve run a workshop recently then posting up your workshop slides on Slideshare is the perfect way to share great content.  It will help to remind workshop delegates what you spoke about as well as getting others seeing what they can expect from your workshops.  Again, this demonstrates you as an expert and professional in what you do.  Don’t forget those slides need to be branded with your logo!

6. Promote your affiliates – Chances are you’ve got some good alliances and partnerships going on so why not promote these on their behalf? Feature links on your website, ask them to be a guest blogger or alternatively mention them in your newsletter with a link to their site.  Not only does it help the affiliate reach a wider, likeminded audience, I’m sure they’ll return the favour and give you the opportunity to do the same.

Don’t forget to share your story too!  People buy from people so tell your audience how you got to where you are now.  It will help prospects to not only understand and engage with you but you’ll come across authentically which really helps to raise your profile and make you stand out from your competitors.

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Clare Jefferis is the Director of She Marketing, helping women business owners in Epsom and the surrounding area to enhance their communications and attract new clients.

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