30 million UK people without one! Write A Will Week - in #Epsom
24th October 2011
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According to a National newspaper there are about 30 million people in the UK without a will  – that’s an awful lot of people – and an incredible number of other people who will be affected.

This is WRITE A WILL WEEK in the UK – and it’s an ideal opportunity for you to find out how to do it – and just as importantly - the implications of not doing it.

About 25% of adults think it’s something to leave until you are older.

About 10% believe their estate will automatically go to the right people.

About 50% of married couples do not have a will.

Many of us will have seen TV programs searching for heirs to estates – and often it is an unknown distant relative – or the government - who inherits, rather than the close friend or carer or even partner whom the monies may have been morally intended for.

Get your wishes down on paper see SOLICITORS.

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