3 ways to choose a cigar by @LGWhiskyCo
26th July 2017
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Did you know that the Liquid Gold Whisky Company sell a range of cigars?

There are so many different brands to choose from - you can find Montecristo, Romeo Y Julieta, Punch and many more in their store and on their online shop.

To help you choose the right cigar, there are 3 main things you should consider.

  1. How long you want to smoke - a wider, longer cigar will take longer to smoke. If you only have 20 minutes or so, choose a thinner, shorter cigar.
  2. Choose a shape - the two main shapes are: parejos and figurados. Parejos are straight-sided cigars, while figurados include any cigar with an irregular shape.
  3. Inspect your cigar - with cigars, you really can judge a book by it's cover! There should be no tears or gaps in the wrapping, which could make it difficult to smoke. The cigar should also be firmly packed, with zero weak spots. Any uneven areas, could mean the cigar will fall apart as you smoke it.


  • Keep track of ring gauges on cigars you smoke, and the time it takes to finish one. This will help you pick a cigar to fit your time frame down the line.
  • Buy several individually packaged cigars rather than a whole box. This will allow you to sample different sizes and flavors so you can find the one that fits you best. 
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