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There was recently a very disturbing article about the increase in children visiting hospital for tooth extraction....
Start the New Year as you mean to go on – teaching the kids good dental habits will set them up for life – and a great smile!
Are you shopping for Christmas presents for the kids?...
Halloween is a scary time – especially for the kids teeth....
We are after all human – and it's very difficult to resist some foods and drinks - even though we know they are not goof for us.
Epsom Dental Centre's prize tombola is well-worth a go!
Epsom Dental Centre will have a special visitor for their Christmas Children’s check-ups.
Pregnancy can affect your Dental Health - Keeping mum and baby healthy..
Very few people are born with brilliant white teeth, but with the increasing popularity of teeth whitening, many more of us are achieving the smile that we have always wanted.
Gentle dentistry has become increasingly popular recently as new technologies and practices in dental care have been developed....
Many people in the UK want straighter teeth, but don’t want the traditional train-track braces that are usually needed....
Diabetes affects many people and one area of concern is the effect it can have on your teeth....
The perfect smile – a smile that you’re proud of – a smile that makes you want to smile - it’s not impossible.
As we speak I’m sitting here entering reviews for Epsom Dental Centre…
Many people have a fear of the dentist, but you can relax there is help out there at Epsom Dental Centre.
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Latest News & Updates
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