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The members club for business owners who enjoy golf and love to network.

“FORE” Business

Bringing golf & business networking together.


"FORE" Business is the perfect vehicle for business owners to be able to grow their business from the golf course!

From sole traders to multinational BILLION dollar businesses, "FORE" Business is the international golf networking community that supports business owners who have one common goal; to build new business opportunities and play more golf.

The community boasts a network of 1600+ business owners in over 100 groups across the country, and has been responsible for generating over £30 Million worth of new business since its inception.


About "FORE" Business

When founders Sean Fergusson & Arron Busst discussed the business successes they'd had on the golf course when they met at a networking event in 2013, the natural progression was to look into creating something more formal that would marry together their love of golf and drive for business. Unofficially, golf and business seems to have naturally gone hand in hand for many years, with the golf course providing the perfect ‘playing field’ for important business meetings, discussions and negotiations to take place.

Enter “FORE” Business, the concept behind which is ‘what better way to encourage successful business relationships, than to create an actual members club for business owners who enjoy golf and love to network?’.

Operating what's believed to be the world's largest golf community, "FORE" Business has grown from its operations in the UK & Northern Ireland across some of the most well known golf courses, and is now even operating in the USA. 

Why not become part of the “FORE” Business Experience, where you can meet like-minded people over a game of golf!

How does golf networking work?

Being part of "FORE" Business gives you the opportunity to incorporate golf into your business networking strategy, formalising the activity as a genuine business benefit. 

Networking has long been recognised as a valuable tool for building, fostering and maintaining strong relationships, and taking networking to the golf course enables you to step away from the office and take the time to talk to other like-minded people s you play.

It provides the perfect opportunity to liaise with and get to know others from the local business community on a regular basis. You don't need to be the next Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods to join either, you're simply encouraged to play fairly to the best of your abilities, putting your golf & business relationship on a sound footing of trust and equality.

Reasons to join"FORE" Business

  1. Instant access to a National Business Community
  2. 18 holes of golf at some of the best golf clubs throughout the UK
  3. Being part of a national community of golfers that LOVE to network!
  4. Being able to choose exactly who you network with within the UK
  5. Widen your business network by visiting other groups across the UK
  6. Recommend a friend and receive a FREE £50 “FORE” Business voucher 
  7. Download the app to gain access to even more New Business opportunities 


There are a range of membership options:


  • Monthly networking event
  • 18 holes of golf at your assigned golf club
  • 1x 4 ball at your assigned golf club per month
  • all of the above
  • plus 1x extra networking event at an alternative group of your choice
  • all of the standard benefits
  • plus unlimited visits to all events every month
  • all of the standard benefits
  • plus the option to send a colleague in your place if you're unable to attend an event
Corporate Flexi
  • all of the flexi benefits
  • plus the option to send a colleague in your place if you're unable to attend an event

So why not start getting more business done on the golf course than in the boardroom?

Join today! 


Want to see what it's like?


Just email nigel.stickland@thebestof.co.uk  for your FREE VIP Guest Invitation



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