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This month is all about knowing where you're going, where you want to end up - quite topical as we're starting to look forward to 2018.
There's no failure, only feedback - This is a really key mindset to get your head around and can make a MASSIVE difference to your own outcomes.
This month we're all about opening your mind to what might be possible for you
I take 100% responsibility for everything in my life....
What you focus on consistently you create in your life....
In this bulletin Dave asks the big question - WHY?
Enjoying your work is a state of being and you could have that, in your work and beyond, easily and right now.
Today Dave tells us about the words spoken by a child to children, but he believes we can all learn from these.
You have your results and whatever they are now is the time to look for the right way forward.
Is it always the bosses fault?...
So who is Dave Cordle and what can he do to help you in your development?
David wants you to ask this question of yourself and your company – What do you really do?
Get the right attitude with The Perspective Directive.
The Sky is not the limit – so set your sights high
Don't leave it 'til it's too late – sound advice from Dave Cordle
What does success mean to you – is it just about money and job titles?
This month Dave asks us if we are enjoying our work.
What happens to your business when you’re on holiday?
This month Dave tells us you have been keeping a secret
NOW is the next best time to start helping your children be the best they can.
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