Local Small Businesses - Cheaper or More Expensive?
26th July 2009
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Small businesses in Oakwood, Enfield, are joining forces in an effort to weather the recession and tempt customers away from shopping at supermarkets. The local businesses are hoping to win back shoppers who usually choose to spend their money with high street chains and big supermarkets.

People understandably want convenience by shopping under one roof and load it all in the car in one go. But there can be plenty of choice and quality in small local shops.

An Oakwood trader says: "I know that our prices and quality are better than at supermarkets. People think that buying from a small shop is going to be expensive, but often it isn't."

What is your experience? 

Are local shops cheaper or more expensive than the big boys?

Do you have a favourite local shop?

If you have a favourite local shop, let us know about it.


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