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3rd August 2009
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I know that we've been having a bit of dodgy weather recently but there have been some good days and as I write this the sun is shining in through the window, albeit with a few clouds hovering about!

So what is there to do during the Summer in Enfield?

Well, there isn't a Great British Beer Festival (like the one I'm going to this week at Earl's Court) or a big Music Festival (like the one I'm going to at Cropredy, Oxfordshire next week) but there are a number of events around Enfield Borough that are worth taking a look at.

On our Website we publicise Events in Enfield (on our Events page would you believe? - see link ) but of course we don't have them all.

So if you know of or are running an event in the Borough, remember that you can upload details of them on to the website via the Events page.  Alternatively, let me know about them via this Blog.

Happy Summer eventing!

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