How to get more people eating in your Restaurant
26th July 2009
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Explosive Opportunity
In the few months since Explosive Marketing launched to the world dozens of restaurants have come on board and begun to use the system.  These restaurants have enjoyed some fantastic results. 

Many of them didn't have a customer database of any description before, and now they have the names and contact details of hundreds of their customers.  What's more, they know exactly how much each customer has spent in their restaurant, and when they spent it.  The restaurants using the Explosive Marketing system are recognising how hugely valuable this data is.
Driving home that value is the fantastic benefit that these restaurants are getting from the marketing which Explosive is carrying out on their behalf.  This has generated returns of between 360% and 580% for most restaurants using the system.  For every £1 that those restaurants are spending on Explosive Marketing, they're getting at least £3.60 back in revenue.  With returns like that, it's easy to see why these restaurants are enjoying life with Explosive Marketing.
The Explosive team are so confident of the predictable, repeatable results that the system generates, they're putting a cast-iron, money-back guarantee on it.  Every restaurant that joins Explosive over the summer qualifies for our 'we'll make you more profitable' guarantee.
Explosive Marketing is now looking to induct the next wave of restaurants into the system. If you want to add an Explosive revenue stream to your restaurant business, just call me on 020 8245 0667 or e-mail and I'll explain everything.

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