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Marathon Ready?

18 May 2011 16:02

So… you’ve got a marathon coming up… in less than a weeks time… and you’ve done all your training haven’t you? Read on for some useful tips on how to make sure your marathon is a great experience to remember.

Spring into outdoor exercise

23 March 2011 11:16

Calling everyone. Those who don't class themselves as natural exercise lovers. And those who think that getting out and getting active is one of life’s amazing privileges. I wanted to share with you the story of a very recent run full of the joys of spring

EnergyWise Inspiration - part 1

Sitting comfortably? Ever wondered what sort of people might benefit from the services of a personal trainer? Then I'll begin... to tell you the fantastic story of an EnergyWise client who's put in some great work and got brilliant results with our help.

Portrait of Dorian Grey

03 March 2011 16:52

Do you have distinct 'good' and 'bad' health and fitness personalities? Perhaps you wish you had a virtuous, ultra clean living, fitness obsessive alter ego stashed in the attic...

Sunny side up

16 February 2011 12:51

Inspired by the beautiful February weather recently, this article looks at the benefits of exercising outdoors, plus some hints and tips on how to incorporate it into your lifestyle

Fit to the core?

04 February 2011 18:42

Ever been nagged about your dodgy posture, or wondered why there's so much fuss made about core stability? Read on for some simple explanations and compelling reasons to incorporate it into your life and fitness regime.

The Source of EnergyWise

26 January 2011 16:45

Introducing myself as 'The Source' of EnergyWise. What inspires me to help individuals take control of their fitness, health and lifestyles.

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