Warming up the Homeless
Warming up the Homeless
  • Eastbourne
The Homeless Act of 2014 states that a person is homeless if they live on the streets, with no fixed abode. People can also be homeless even with a roof over their heads. This means people who sofa surf, stay with friends, temporarily live in a hostel or night shelter or other temporary accommodation, or live in a car or a tent.

We are a registered charity feeding and clothing the homeless of Eastbourne, Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill. We walk a predetermined route carrying food, clothing, toiletries, torches, sleeping bags, ground sheets and also signpost where necessary. Each homeless person receives a breakfast pack comprising a small carton of juice, a breakfast bar, a bag of crisps, bar of chocolate and a fruit pot so no one has to wake up to the prospect of no food. 

We meet opposite the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 8.pm

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