The Sussex Heart Charity
The Sussex Heart Charity
  • Southpoint
    8 Paston Place
    BN2 1HA
The Sussex Heart Charity is a non-profit organisation that has a significant impact on all areas of cardiac healthcare in Sussex. Through their tireless work, the charity ensures that individuals affected by heart disease receive the care and support they need, from the moment they experience a cardiac event through to their recovery.

One of the ways in which the Sussex Heart Charity safeguards the lives of individuals in the community is by putting Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in local areas. These devices are vital in saving the lives of individuals who experience sudden cardiac arrest, and the charity's efforts have helped to make sure that these life-saving devices are readily available in many communities.

When a heart patient reaches the hospital, it is almost guaranteed that they will experience something, or someone funded or introduced by the Sussex Heart Charity. From equipment and technology to healthcare professionals and services, the charity's impact can be seen throughout the cardiac care system. This includes funding for research, specialist training for cardiac healthcare professionals, and the provision of equipment and resources to improve patient outcomes.

Even after a patient has been discharged, the Sussex Heart Charity continues to support them on their road to recovery. The charity helps to fund cardiac rehabilitation programmes, which are essential in helping people regain their health and wellbeing after a heart condition. These programmes provide patients with the resources and support they need to regain their strength, confidence, and independence.

Overall, the Sussex Heart Charity is a vital organisation that plays a critical role in cardiac healthcare in Sussex. Their impact can be seen in every stage of cardiac care, from community-based prevention efforts to hospital-based treatments and rehabilitation. If you or someone you know has been affected by heart disease, the Sussex Heart Charity is here to help.