Katy Bourne PCC
Katy Bourne PCC
  • Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner
    Sackville House
    Brooks Close
    East Sussex
    BN7 2FZ
Katy Bourne the Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex

Katy Bourne was elected as the first Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex on 15 November 2012.

In her first year in office the Commissioner has delivered the first Police & Crime Plan ‘Safer in Sussex’ and budget. She has also announced a freeze on the policing element of the Council Tax so that residents will not pay any extra for policing in Sussex during 2012-13.

As PCC it is Mrs Bourne’s job to hold the Chief Constable of Sussex Police to account and ensure that the police focus on our local priorities.

Since the election the Commissioner has attended neighbourhood meetings, local panel meetings and public events and has received hundreds of letters and emails from people with an interest in policing and crime in their area. She has listened carefully to this feedback and those priorities have helped shape the Police & Crime Plan, which lays out how, in partnership, the Commissioner will tackle four key priority areas for policing and crime in Sussex during her term of office:

Crime and Community Safety
Victim Focus
Public Confidence, and
Value for Money.

The Police & Crime Plan is a living document and will remain under constant review. It has been scrutinised by the Sussex Police & Crime Panel who have the important role of holding the Commissioner to account for the Plan and her performance against it.

The Commissioner firmly believes that the future of crime reduction and public safety lies in prevention and successful partnership working. There are many established and committed partnerships across Sussex striving to make our communities safer. As PCC, Mrs Bourne is uniquely placed to work closely with all these partnerships to identify areas of success and to look for improvements where they are needed in order to reduce re-offending, prevent crime and improve public confidence.

The next few years will be an exciting and challenging time for policing in our county and the Commissioner is looking forward to working with the police, partners and, most importantly, the public to ensure we all feel Safer in Sussex.

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