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Muma Nurture is an Eastbourne based charity providing counselling, therapies and support for people across the UK affected by infertility, pregnancy and perinatal loss. Our services are available for everybody that needs them. We offer a free initial consultation and invite clients to make whatever donation they can afford (or not) for further therapies and activities to ensure we don't exclude anyone from support on financial grounds.

The issues that we support are far more common than it may seem, often people are unaware they exist until personally affected. Of an estimated 19,462 Sussex pregnancies in 2016; 2385 ended in abortion, 2785 in miscarriage and 67 in perinatal death, whilst 86,315 were struggling with fertility issues. 

Regardless of the experience that leads you to us, all of our clients are experiencing a level of grief. Sometimes what is really needed is some help to recognise it for what it is and some guidance on how to best manage it.

The IVF "postcode lottery", means Sussex NHS provision is below NICE guidelines and denied where a partner already has children, or the person seeking treatment is above the cut off age or weight, single or not heterosexual. At an average of £10,000 a round and 25% success, IVF is out of reach to many who are not entitled to NHS funding. However, it is not always necessary and we have found often fertility knowledge can be significantly improved with time and relevant support, sometimes even meaning clients can go on to have a natural healthy pregnancy and baby, like this client: Following your intro to fertility course and following some changes we have just had a baby boy after 2mcs”

Our client's all tell us they feel isolation, either literally or perceived as they feel different from their friends and family. Fear and isolation have been abundant in our community throughout the covid pandemic and have worsened struggles with mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

We have an informal community group, which offers the opportunity to share time and space with others who have had the same or similar experience, where everyone can accept and understand your experience and thoughts and feelings associated with that, whether or not you speak about it. This is currently online and we have started to reintroduce some in person community activities as restrictions allow to reduce isolation.

Over the last 4 years, we have supported hundreds of clients to move more postively forward with their lives . Covid meant we moved services online and are now providing support across the UK, although our base remains Eastbourne. If you or anyone you know needs any prenatal, perinatal or postnatal help or support please contact us.


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