Eastbourne Freegle
Eastbourne Freegle
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Eastbourne Freegle is part of a national network of local groups, dedicated to saving things from landfill by reusing them within the local community. Eastbourne Freegle has around 6,000 members, all based in and around Eastbourne.

The concept of Freegle is simple - offer things you don't want, and ask for things you do. If it can be used - chances are someone locally will! As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Everything given away via Freegle has to be free. Our members save at least 5,000 kg from landfill and incinerators every month - that's about the same as 18767 stunt kites!

Membership is open to everyone in Eastbourne - from individuals to charities, community groups and businesses. Joining is instant and free on our website, and all are very welcome.

We also have a community event feature, which is emailed to members and posted via Twitter - it's free for members to use and advertise any events going on in Eastbourne.

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