Eastbourne Foodbank
Eastbourne Foodbank
  • Unit 3
    55 Brampton Road
    BN22 9AF
Since 2011, Eastbourne Foodbank has been instrumental in helping local people get through times of hardship. Seeded by the Trussell Trust, Eastbourne Foodbank is part of a national network of foodbanks.

Eastbourne Foodbank has been helping feed local people who are struggling to put food on their table.  Eastbourne may be a beautiful place, but it is not adverse to poverty, with children, adults and vulnerable people going hungry.  The Foodbank can provide a minimum of 3 days food for those that need it.

How the food bank works

Supermarket collections, as well as organised donations through schools, churches and other community organisations provide non perishable in date food.  All food donated is distributed to those in need.

Care professionals such as doctors, social workers, the CAB and other agencies identify people in need and they are issued with Foodbank vouchers.

Foodbank vouchers ate issued, and people can then come to a foodbank centre where they can redeem 3 days worth of emergency food.

How you can get involved

There are many ways to support Eastbourne Foodbank.  By donating food through supermarkets or other sources of collection.  Donations of money are also used to support their good work.

Could you start a collection point for food in your community? Or perhaps helping out by volunteering or donating time to fundraise for this worthy cause.

To find out more about the great work done by Eastbourne Foodbank please visit their website.