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Piano, Flute or Alto Sax lessons online and 1-2-1, with an experienced, professional and friendly teacher. Learn to play the songs you love with Eastbourne Music Tuition.

Maybe you played piano as a child and would love to tinker the ivories again.  With lessons tailored to meet your needs, we can return to those familiar songs.  What are your favourites now, Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata have their place, but what tune is special to you now?

I have been so fortunate in my journey with the flute that I was able to play alongside James Galway. What an experience to inspire me for life.  Whilst I can not promise you that experience, would you like to join an orchestra or band?  If we can boost your skills and confidence I’m sure we can find a place for you.

Would you like to play for your loved one’s special occasion?

Martin picked up the sax for just that reason, from a complete beginner in his 50s he decided to play a song for his wife on their anniversary at a large gathering.  He touched her heart; later they were to learn together. 

Carl took up piano lessons as his children left home and he found he had more time on his hands.  After a few years of lessons, he suddenly felt inspired to play at his daughters wedding.  The father of the bride, with just three months notice, crammed practise and lessons in and brought tears to the eyes of his family (and myself) as he sung and performed Bob Dylan’s ‘Make you feel my love’.  I was blessed to go through that journey with him and believe me it is not any easy tune for the intermediate player to perform with vocals.

If you have a bit more time on your hands why not give it a go!

My name is Claire Barrass and here at Eastbourne Music Tuition I offer 1-2-1 lessons designed specifically for you.  Small group online tuition is also available, for beginner piano pupils, with the benefit of being part of the learning community, able to share the highs and challenges of your practise on more set pieces. 

Covid 19 has offered an incredible transition to online tuition for me and I have reviewed many of the numerous tuition apps.  If they have got you started, that is great, but for many they have their limitations.  With camera angles set to different positions even through the online experience I help to ensure you do not develop bad habits.    

Take beginner piano lessons for example:

  • Have you adjusted your seat height correctly? 
  • Are your feet flat on the floor to support your lower spine? 
  • How about your wrists?  A common mistake it to let them drop. 

My role is to support you to reach your goals.  For some pupils this means cracking on with learning their favourite pieces as soon as possible.  Others take a more methodical approach with scales and technical exercises to build up core skills on the way.  Which ever route you take I am sure to inject fun and a variety of tunes suited to inspire you at your current level. 

For years I have a successful track record of entering pupils for ABRSM public music exams.  For some pupils exams help them gain recognition and charts their progress.  Since Covid 19 I am transferring some pupils onto the MTB exams as MTB offer an online exam option using the same tunes pupils have been working on.  For pupils who stress in exams I will continue using MTB after social distancing as the exam is recorded in the usual lesson with just myself and the pupil present (in the same room or currently via the internet).  If you wish to play just for fun or simply not enter exams that is fine with me.

I teach pupils of all ages.  My 4 year teaching degree with music specialism has enabled me to specialise in inspiring younger pupils aged 5-11 and link it to their current music and maths experience within school.  Having worked in the classroom full time for over 13 years, whilst teaching music privately in the evenings I am very aware of pupils’ learning needs.

More recently, with demand for tuition increasing, I have dropped my whole class teaching hours to a few days a week enabling me to teach individual music lessons two days a week as a peripatetic teacher to Causeway Secondary School, in Eastbourne.  Pupils in their teens often come inspired by peers or their favourite artists:  Faded, Star Wars, James Bond, Roar, Hedwig’s Theme, Imperial March are just some of the tunes that many pupils achieve in their first year of playing.

Since classroom teaching part-time I have flexibility for private music pupils who attend my home studio (after Covid 19 restrictions permit).  I now offer some daytime availability for adults or home educated children; whilst afternoon and evening lessons remain available for those that prefer.

Show interest now for the next set of group classes (available for beginners on the piano) or register for you free 30 minute taster lesson on alto Sax, piano or flute if you are considering 1-2-1 lessons.  Once the pandemic is under control I intend to continue to include the online tuition option together with the option of lessons in my home studio or coming out to you in the comfort of you own home.  Home visits are a little extra to cover travel, however these suit some people for example if siblings are both having separate lesson times or if you are caring for young children.

I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to tailor lessons to meet your specific needs.