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Is Pitshanger the Answer to Village Life in an Urban Environment?

Once, life in a small rural village was seen as the ideal but with rising rail fares and petrol costs, many people are questioning their commute and moving back to the city. Pitshanger is a great area for getting the best of both worlds.

To Be Successful Selling Your Property in 2012 You Need Your Estate Agent As Your Most Trusted Advisor

Find out how to be successful selling your property in 2012 with advice from and Northfields Estates.

Predictions for Property Prices in 2012

As we are heading toward the holiday season and the New Year, many people will be asking what will 2012 bring? If you had hopes of moving to a new home, you might be particularly wondering what will happen to property prices.

Property Prices in the South of England Double Those in the North

Rightmove’s latest report saw a new record in the gap between house prices in the North and those in the South. To buyers the prices in the north look very attractive, but to home owners the prospects in the south of England look far more promising.

There Are 8 People Competing For Every Rental Property

Fewer properties are being built, more people are continuing to rent rather than buying due and more tenants are taking on longer tenancies – this means that there are more people trying to rent fewer properties. How do you make sure you rent successfully?

How Your Garden Could Clinch a Sale or Let

If you have been planning to offer your property for sale or let, spending a bit of time in the garden can be time well spent. Here are five tips to make sure your garden doesn’t resemble a tip.

Make the Right Choices as a Landlord and Make More Money

Rental properties are in high demand in the current market, but even in this market, if you make the wrong decisions you could easy spend your money on the wrong investments.

The Average Three Bed Home is 8m² Smaller Than the Recommended Minimum Square Footage

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) recently released a report to assess the state of British house building The findings – the average 3 bedroom house falls short of the minimum recommended space standards benchmark by a full 8m².

Buying a Property is £100 Cheaper Than Renting

The Halifax just reported that the cost of buying a property for first time buyers is just over £100 cheaper per month than renting. Why aren't there more first time buyers?

Will the Riots in Ealing Affect the Value of Your Property?

There has been no escape from televised coverage of burning buildings, violence and looting that erupted in London, and Ealing in particular. Will the reputation of our borough be tarnished to the point that our property prices will be affected?

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