Is Pitshanger the Answer to Village Life in an Urban Environment?
4th January 2012
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The media is full of the news that commuters are feeling the pinch of rising rail fares.  As of January 3rd, 2012 rail fares have risen by 5.9% on average - including unregulated fares such as advance and business tickets.  Some commuters face rises of up to 11%.

On top of that, petrol prices are rising.

So is it any surprise then that many people who once chose to vacate the capital for a rural idyll are now returning to postcodes within the M25?

Figures on property seem to reinforce this trend, with demand for new properties in London rising by around 0.4%, where other parts of the country are seeing noticeable declines. 

Why the shift back to urban living?

Besides the obvious cost of commuting due to ever-rising petrol and rail fares, the cost of commuting in terms of its effect on lifestyle should be mentioned.  The journey into work takes time as well as money and it is possible to be both cash poor and time poor - an unappealing combination.
Added to that, many people retreated to rural areas believing that remote working was the wave of the future.  But the trend that many felt would transform our working lives does not seem to be panning out. It was once thought that just a telephone and internet connection were all that was needed to get the most value from employees, but recently many employers have changed that point of view, believing that the actual presence of their employees is the necessary element to ensure maximum value.  People who settled in rural areas in the belief that they would be working from home have had to move back into the city where transport options are more affordable.  

Some experts suggest that the trend we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, with even larger differences between the rural and urban property markets developing in 2012 and the years to come.  

Have your cake and eat it too

However, there is a way to have the best of both worlds.  Certain areas of our fine capital are known for their strong sense of community and village-like appeal.  Pitshanger Village in Ealing is one of these areas.

Pitshanger Village has the self-sufficiency and community spirit of a village and the advantage of easy access to the extensive amenities and transport links of Ealing Broadway. The area itself has a variety of locally owned restaurants, shops, beauty salons and bars, its own library, golf course, sports club and Pitshanger Park. The popular Brentham Garden Estate is a conservation area and is much sought after for its picturesque homes.  Added to that schools such as Montpelier and North Ealing Primary Schools and St Vincent's and St Gregory's Catholic schools all have good reputations, making properties in Pitshanger Village an attractive proposition for young families.

If you hanker after a quiet village life, but want to get home from work in time to enjoy it, a property in Pitshanger might be exactly what you are looking for.

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