Top tips for dealing with spillages on your carpet
23rd February 2012
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If you like entertaining or have small children chances are you have to deal with spillages on your carpets at some time.

Most loved local business and carpet cleaning experts Safeclean share a few tips on coping with spillages on carpets:

Act fast - the longer a spill is left the harder to remove

Blot spills - with a damp cloth to reduce the chance of staining. Don't rub as this will damage fibres

Remove solid spills carefully - using a blunt knife and leave it alone. Sometimes they will need specialist cleaning, especially if greasy or highly coloured.

Never use proprietary stain removers, supermarket products or soap and water as they are quite harsh and can leave sticky residues which attract dirt.

Too late? Then call Safeclean on 0208 998 7713 as soon as possible for free advice or make an urgent appointment for them to deal with the stain.

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