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The HR Booth is a human resource consultancy based in Fife which supports clients throughout Scotland, including those living in Dundee and Angus. HR consultant, Alistair Booth provides HR support and advice on employment law to small and medium enterprises in a variety of industries and sectors. With over 18 years experience in this field, Alistair is well equipped with the knowledge required to overcome any HR challenges you might face.

Introducing Alistair Booth

Alistair Booth is the managing director and owner of the HR Booth. Alistair has over 18 years of experience working as an HR professional, in various roles which include; that of HR manager and HR consultant. In addition to this extensive HR experience, Alistair also has three years of experience working as an operational manager, during which time he has led large teams and managed company budgets. This added experience enhances the quality of HR support clients receive and ensures that all decisions made, are done so within a commercial context.

The HR Booth

The HR Booth works in partnership with clients to best understand any HR and/or employment law challenges faced. Based in Fife, The HR Booth has clients spanning the length and breadth of Scotland in areas such as; Dundee, Angus, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Perth and Glasgow. Alistair’s clients are predominantly employers and employees working within small to medium sized enterprises, but he can also offer support to larger companies who may already have their own in-house HR Department. The solutions offered to all clients from The HR Booth are flexible and supportive, and all advice given is tailored to allow businesses to run effectively.

HR Services for Employers

The HR Booth offers a variety of different services to employers which include;

Retained HR Support

Choose from one of four ‘Retained HR Support’ packages and take advantage of HR support as and when you need it. Click here to find out more.

Contracts of Employment

Advice on the best type of contracts to offer your employees and assistance in the creation of an employment contract if required.

Advertise your Employment Opportunities

Advertise employment opportunities either locally or nationally on a leading online recruitment site and let us sift through the applications which result. We will forward on, only those CV’s which best fit your requirements.

Training and Development

Invest in your people by investing in employee training. We offer a range of courses on topics including; induction training, managing performance, recruitment and selection, setting objectives and much, much more!

Employment Tribunal Insurance

Our insurance packages cover all legal costs and compensation awards, choose from insurance cover of either £250,000 or £500,000 per claim.

Employee Handbooks

Need an employee handbook? We can help you to develop one which outlines key workplace policies.

Absence Management

If staff absence is having a detrimental impact on your business, we can advise you on absent management solutions which will help.

Health & Safety

Keep up to date with health and safety legislation and ensure your business is legally compliant. We offer clients a review of their current health and safety policies, and can arrange additional training if necessary.

HR Consultancy

Need some advice but don’t feel you would benefit from our retained HR support? Our consultancy service is for you.

Recruitment and Selection

Find the right person for your organisation, with our help. From designing and conducting assessment centres to managing associated administration, we’ll find the talent your organisation desires.

Discipline and Grievance

We can review and update your disciplinary and grievance policies to comply with employment legislation. We can also offer training to managers which will allow them to conduct disciplinary meetings in a way which is fair and effective.


We offer support to employees during what can be a very difficult time. We can advise you on any decisions you have to make, ensuring that all parties are treated fairly.

HR Services for Employees

In addition to offering services to employers, The HR Booth can also advise employees on HR related matters. If any of the following statements apply to you, as an employee, contact us today on 0844 842 7730. We are here to help.

- I am being bullied at work

- I am pregnant and feel as though I am being bullied

- I am struggling with childcare and would like to work flexible hours

- I have been off sick and my employer would like to discuss my absence

- I have a disciplinary hearing and need some help to prepare

- I would like to appeal my dismissal

- I wish I could change the hours/days I work

- I need some advice on settlement agreements

If contacting The HR Booth please remember to tell Alistair that you found his business on The Best of Dundee & Angus.

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