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Figure 8 Consultancy Services Ltd in Dundee and Angus conduct audit and research evalautions as well as offer specialist training and development services to those working with people with substance misuse problems.

Figure 8 Consultancy Services Ltd

For Specialist Training and Development In Dundee and Angus

Evidence into Practice

Established in 2007, Figure 8 Consultancy Services Ltd is an independent company who specialise in the development of care and treatment services for people with substance misuse problems.

With clients such as: Local Authorities, NHS providers, Government Bodies and more, the team at Figure 8 Consultancy Ltd carry out audit and research projects to review and evaluate current practices in order to improve services.

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What We Do

Audit and Research

In order to establish the effectiveness of a service, you need to evaluate its current practice.

At Figure 8 Consultancy Services Ltd in Dundee and Angus we promote "Evidence into Practice" as our primary mission statement - this means we audit and appraise existing policies, procedures and services to see if they work.

If areas for development are found, we make recommendations to improve service design and delivery and help facilitate any changes.

Once a new service has been implemented, the audit cycle starts again.

Training and Development

At Figure 8 Consultancy Ltd, we are dedicated to the continuous development of substance misuse professionals.

Providing various training courses and skills based workshops, our training consultants deliver courses in an innovative and effective manner - keeping people interested and involved to the end.

Want a training course tailored to meet the needs of your organisation? That's great, simply give our training consultants a call to discuss you requirements.

Business Consultancy

When you contact the consultants at Figure 8 Consultancy Services Ltd for assistance with improving the quality of service you provide, we can offer anything from an in-depth evaluations of single agencies to systematic reviews of all commissioned services within one DAAT area.

Please visit our website for information on the various ways we help organisations achieve their goals.

Workforce Development

At Figure 8 Consultancy Services Ltd, we know how important it is to have well trained, well supported and highly valued staff to meet the needs of individuals with substance misuse problems.

By equipping those professionals with all of the skills and experience needed to provide a quality and reliable service, we offer managing and mentoring programmes as well as workforce development programmes.

For further information on any of our training and development courses, please contact our team today!

Why Choose Us?

There are so many reasons for choosing Figure 8 Consultancy Ltd including:

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality service at all times.
  • We ensure that each piece of work is individually constructed to meet our client's needs in the most efficient and cost effective way with clearly defined timescales and outcomes;
  • Our training consultants are highly skilled and passionate about learning and education;
  • We believe that the policy and planning cycle of government and commissioning bodies requires to inform, and be informed by, the practice and audit cycle of service providers in a continuous figure 8.

Want to know more about Figure 8 Consultancy Ltd?
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