Would locals really support a new cinema in Deal?
13th January 2010
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Currently there is a campign running on face book calling for a new cinema in Deal which already has around 300 memebers.

Deal's last cinema, 'Flicks' closed down in 2007 leaving no where for our young people to go either on their own or with their friends.

I grew up in Deal and was always a frequent visitor to the cinema. There were occassions when cinema goers had trouble hearing the films being shown due to the loud music coming from the club next door, a source I understand of regular complaints. A new cinema at a new venue would not have this issue. There were also many times that I visited the cinema with my family to find that we were the only ones there!

I do know that several local entrepreneurs have been keen to set up a new cinema but  their plans have so far, not come to fruition. A  campaign would indicate potential support for a cinema and useful information for any investor.

Many a time in the past I would hear parents saying that Deal has nothing, even when we did have a cinema and then promptly take their children to Ashford evey time they wanted to see a film.

Would a new cinema be viable, and would those who say they want a new cinema, actively support one in practice? What do others think and what is thier experience of their own circle of friends and acquaintances?

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