Tell us about your VW Campervan Experience!
17th December 2009
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With more and more people choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays , hire of classic VW Camper vans have never been more popular. They are everywhere, TV chefs Gary Rhodes and Jamie Oliver have got them. They are on Childrens TV, Glastonbury, Documentaries, Films, even the Brit awards have featured them. When you are out in one, it's akin to being famous, every one wants to come and talk to you about them. They will tell you their Grandad owned one; their Dad used to have one; they remember going on holiday as a kid in one or they hired one to travel round Europe as a teenager. People will go all glassy eyed and recount their own fond memories and experiences.

VW Campervans seem to be the only thing free from age and class discrimination since they are adored by all. Almost fifty years after the first ones were built they are still considered cool.

Today VW Camper vans are a magnet for young professionals who's lives are so governed by time , they just want to hit the open road to discover a real sense of freedom and adventure and get away from it all.

Have you ever owned a VW Campervan or had fond memories of holidaying in one? I would love to know why they appeal to you and hear about your stories and memories. Why do you think they are still as popular today as they ever were?

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