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28th October 2011
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Rebecca Troia of Deal’s Calma Holistic Therapy clinic reminds us of some of the reasons for keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water:

Water improves the skin – hydrating it from the inside. Hydrated skin is plumper and therefore looks younger.

Water can help you keep your weight down – replace a high calorie drink with water and you are saving the pennies as well as the pounds!

Often when we think we are hungry actually we are thirsty, and if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. So regular drinks of water through the day help weight management.

Drinking several glasses of water a day over a sustained period will improve the appearance of your skin – try it for two weeks and notice the difference.

So try to create these habits to keep hydrated:

Carry a bottle of water with you so that it’s always available.

Keep a glass of water next to you when you are seated, and take regular sips.

For flavour, squeeze in some fresh orange or lemon juice.

Replace some of your regular cups of tea or coffee with a cup of hot water – sounds weird but is very refreshing and still warming!

Have fun treating yourself to a small luxury with the money you save on sugary, caffeine-laden drinks when you replace them with a glass of water!

Rebecca offers all her customers advice on keeping skin healthy and hydrated and offers Glow Skin Nutrition Treatment for skin revitalisation.


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