How to make the perfect omelette!
28th October 2011
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Pieter van Zyl from the Chequers Inn is back from his hols and ready again to share his culinary expertise! Today, how to make a delicious omelette.

Take three free-range eggs, as fresh as you can get them. Whisk with a fork - but gently, just enough to break up the white and the yolk but so much not that it gets frothy.

Melt a knob of butter in your frying pan and heat it until the butter is frothy. Add your eggs and gently stir the mix with a fork until it begins to set.

When the mix is partly set but still a little fluid, place your pre-prepared filling on one half and then gently fold the other half over.

Take a warned plate and turn your omelette onto it without using utensils - you can cut your omelette on the plate if you are sharing it.

Your omelette should be light and delicious!

Pieter's favourite omelette? Cheese and tomato made with strong cheddar and peeled, de-pipped tomatoes!

A final tip: break your eggs one by one into a cup before transferring into the mixing bowl. That way, if one of them is of poor quality - traces of blood, watery white - or if the shell creeps in, you only need to throw one away and not all of them. Applies when baking cakes, too!

Thank you Pieter.

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