How to choose steak to cook
4th August 2011
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Here is the first of occasional culinary offering to our blog by The Chequers Inn chef-owner, Pieter van Zyl!

Here are my tips for choosing a great steak to cook:
Colour is very important – look for a very dark red bordering on purple, almost black. If you can, choose a cut with some white marbling through the meat – this fat will add natural moisture and add to the flavour.

Use your sense of smell! The meat should smell clean – if it smells of meat, choose another piece!

Feel the meat if you can – if it’s at all slimy, reject it.

Ask your butcher how long the meat has hung for. If possible, aim for meat that has hung for more than 14 days – hanging makes the meat more tender.

And of course, eat your meat before it’s sell-by date!

Look out for Pieter’s tips on choosing fish in next week’s blog!

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