Getting Involved is Your Right
28th October 2011
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The announcement that many more houses are being considered on the outskirts of Deal, the job losses at Pfizer and the complexity of the Dover Harbour ownership model could lead us all as members of the public to wonder when things will return to normal.

But the reality is that in any civilised society change, whether for or against, will bring opportunity and some people will succeed as they see that opportunity. Our local shops, trades and services are excellent and those that aren’t know that they need to improve to survive in the current economic climate.

Those driving change will say that change is inevitable. Here at the bestof we think that change for change's sake it not a good enough reason; we always like to ask: Who benefits?

Whatever your view on what is happening or being suggested for our towns and communities, do have your say and get involved. In the same way you choose where to shop and spend your hard earned cash, we are lucky to be in a democracy where we have the right to choose to speak up or not with our views.

If you don’t, just remember it’s too late when the decisions are taken. As Voltaire is credited with saying “ I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

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