Big Fish Fight ! - what are we doing about Deal's Heritage
17th January 2011
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Deal is traditionally a small fishing town. The few remaining fishing boats along our shores are testimonay to a time when it was Deal's main trade. If these disappear, our landscape will be changed forever.

The 'Big Fish Fight' documented  on Channel 4 last week, showed the appalling waste caused by the current EU fisheries policy and how it is crippling the British Fishing Industry at a time when as an island, we should be looking to supply the country with as much local produce as possible to feed our growing population, in particular the old and the young.

Thousands of people have registered on line to stop the nonsense of discard (where half of the fish caught in the North Sea is dumped at Sea) This may one of those rare occassions where the public have a say and get action as a result.

What do locals think? How can we make sure Deal retains its heritage as a fishing town into the future for the next generation?

Those who want to make a difference can sign up here

Tell us what your loal chip shops say about changing their menus or adding some of the equally delicious, but not so well known fish we are able to catch off our shores.

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