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2nd September 2011
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Keith and Stephanie were interviewed by Radio Kent today regarding the launch of the High Speed rail service for Deal and Sandwich.

It's a controversial subject for some - Kent County Council are putting in subsidy to trial the service for a year.

But we are all in favour! Deal and Sandwich need top quality rail services for many good reasons:

  • Tourism is an important part of our economy. Tourists want to travel with speed and ease - they don't want to take 2 and a quarter hours on a stopping train! We need to make it easy for tourists and visitors to reach Sandwich and Deal.
  • Other towns in East Kent now have the high speed link. Over time, if Deal and Sandwich go without that link, all the benefits of strong transport services will accrue to those towns that have them, leaving Deal and Sandwich as the poor relations!
  • We need inward investment by business and business always looks for good transport links to London and the rest of the UK.
  • We need to keep our commuters. They add to the diversity of our community and they spend their salaries locally!
  • We need to keep our own talented young people. With access to jobs in London, those that want to can continue to love locally but still benefit from careers they could not pursue on the coast.

Any economist will tell you that transport infrastructure is a key element of economic prosperity of an area. Deal and Sandwich deserve this investment!

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