A challenge to our local restaurant and café owners
28th August 2009
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As a parent I'm sick of seeing kids' menus full of junk. It's not particularly a local thing - I'm in Ireland at the moment and it's the same here. You go to a restaurant or café that has a great varied menu for adults but the children are nearly always offered the same old rubbish - sausages, nuggets, fish fingers, burgers and chips.

If a local restaurant offered a kids' menu with smaller portions of the adult dishes I would go there whenever I wanted to eat out as a family. I want my child to enjoy good food and going to a restaurant is a chance to try something new.

So come on restaurant owners of Deal and Dover, I challenge you to lead the way with varied and interesting children's menus. We already have excellent quality school meals locally, let's reach the same standard in our restaurants and cafés and get known as a great place to eat out for all the family.

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