Zebra IT share their tips on making sure your PC is running well.
22nd March 2017
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Do you often feel your computer is sluggish?

Zebra IT in Croydon are the perfect people to deal with the IT needs of your business, particularly for the more advanced needs.

But to help you with the basics, here's a handy guide they've given us that show some ways you can to try and speed your computer up yourself!

  • Reboot your computer - your computer needs a rest just like us so instead of putting it into sleep mode you should turn it off fully and restart when you next need it. Get into the habit of doing this at the end of every day.
  • Uninstall old programmes you no longer need - we all have programmes we don't need that are just sitting there clogging up our computers. These take up hard drive space and can slow the machine down. Do an audit of what you use and delete anything you don't need.
  • Check your antivirus is up to date - this helps keeps your IT data and equipment safe, and is a PC no brainer
  • Anti-malware scans - these scans remove worms and spyware whilst stopping malware from affecting your PC. You can either pay for a one-off scan or have ongoing protection.
  • Check for programme updates - Adobe, Windows, Java - not having the newest versions of these can slow down your computer so ensure all browser plug-ins are up to date.
  • Test for the latest drivers - hardware drivers are the programmes that control a device on the computer. With Windows, these are usually automatically updated but if it's software from a disc, you'll have to update it from the manufacturer.
  • Defragment this is basically the re-arranging of your PC's systems and placing them in the most efficient order. You can do this by going to your Start button and searching Disk Defragmenter.
  • Don't let your computer overheat - make sure it is not getting too hot by being covered up. Cleaning its exterior and removing dust, dirt and hair from the airflow and fans will help prevent overheating.

If you need help with any of these things and your computer is still struggling you might need to call in the experts from Zebra IT!

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