Work Experience Placements needed for Orpheus Centre Apprentices
14th September 2009
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Many companies offer work experienced to young people, and many more do not, perhaps because they feel it would be a lot to organise, or they don't feel they have enough to offer someone for a placement.

Most of us however, when we hear the words Work Experience, imagine 16 year old GCSE takers needing somewhere, anywhere to go for a designated two week period around mock exam time.

Think again. Reset your mind not only on what you might have to offer, but also what the person needing a placement might be like.

If you're able to dispel your own preconceptions, you may be the right person The Orpheus Centre wants to hear from.

Based in Godstone Surrey, The Orpheus Centre offers learning programmes through performing arts and other activities. These programmes give confidence, life-skills and experiences that help to prepare their Apprentices for more productive and fulfilling lives.

The external Work Experience placements The Orpheus Centre organise are an extension of this, helping to attain valued skills in the real world, and giving satisfaction to those the apprentices work alongside. More often than not apprentices are accompanied on placements, and staff at Orpheus want to hear from ANYONE in the Croydon area who thinks they might be able to offer something. Previous placements include a young lady placed for a rewarding nine weeks at a local riding school, mucking out and helping with the horses. Another young man, a wheelchair user, worked with DisabledGo on their Access Surveys around the Tandridge area, and has since been asked to assist with county-wide surveys covering every area of Surrey.


With a slogan like "Personal Progress Through Performance", I have a feeling that it's not just the apprentices at The Orpheus Centre who benefit from programmes like this.

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Yours, Katrina

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