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1st April 2019
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No matter whether you are planning a complete renovation of your home or only small works that refresh the appearance of the property, it is important to plan things well. At work, it's just as important to focus on performance as it is to have the right equipment.

When preparing for renovation you should not only think about the necessary tools, but also about suitable protective clothing. But how to choose protective clothing for the renovation?

Protective clothing for renovation - working professionally

Protective clothing for renovation must have at least two functions. Firstly, they protect against dirt and injuries, which is particularly important for all types of repairs, renovations and the like. Secondly, this clothing is designed for maximum working comfort, e.g. strategically placed pockets allow easy access to tools, no need to lie down.

Professional workwear for renovation is made of durable, dirt- and abrasion-resistant materials. It is important to remember that in summer it is better to choose airy clothing designed to work at higher temperatures.

Not just clothing - what else can be useful for renovation?

Not only protective clothing in need of renovation is worthwhile among professional equipment. It is also not a bad idea to buy other personal protective equipment. Noise protection equipment, good working gloves, splash goggles, helmet or half mask increase working comfort and have a positive effect on safety.

Working gloves are one of the most commonly used personal protective equipment. Regardless of the type of work, hands are exposed to the strongest and most damaging external influences, from abrasion of the epidermis to severe damage to health. For this reason, wearing work gloves is a necessity.

In summary, workwear must be comfortable, functional and, above all, durable in order to ensure and facilitate maximum protection at the workplace. It should fit well and be made of high-quality material, because only then one is not only protected, but can also benefit from it for a long time.

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