Woo hoo! St Cyprian's Primary Academy in Croydon become an IQM flagship school
7th November 2013
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So what's all this about?

The Inclusion Quality Mark allows schools to explore all aspects of education within a school, and the award is a standard for assessing a school against a nationally recognised framework on inclusion.

What exactly is inclusion?

Within the realm of education, inclusion is all about equal opportunities for all pupils, whatever their gender, age, ethnicity, attainment and background. Schools that are effective are educationally inclusive schools. This isn't just evident in the performance of the school, but also in their ethos and their willingness to offer new opportunities to pupils who may have experienced previous difficulties. It isn't simply treating all pupils in exactly the same way. It's much more to do with taking account of pupils' varied life experiences and needs.

Diversity is all about respect and acceptance. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences.

So this is great news for St Cyprian's Primary Academy in Croydon, who have joined the IQM club! It's fantastic recognition of all the efforts of the staff and pupils at the school to make it a positive and rewarding place for children to learn.

Well done to everyone at St Cyprians.

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