Why You Should Use Vanity Phone Numbers for Lead Generation
21st November 2018
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When running a business, it’s extremely important that you make the right moves in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, for you to come up with the best objectives and goals for your company, you must ensure certain crucial things are in order. It’s particularly important if you want to have access to the right resources.


Some companies may have endless resources. On the other hand, you may want to use affordable solutions, which have the ability to make your business visible. Using a vanity phone number is one excellent strategy you should consider. Vanity numbers have been around for long, but they are still among the most effective ways of marketing your brand.


You can use vanity numbers for lead generation purposes or branding and get amazing results. They are memorable, meaning people will easily remember and call them. As a result, many companies use these numbers to get in touch with potential customers. Nowadays, vanity phone numbers are increasingly becoming part of any marketing and advertising strategies.


Why You Should Use Vanity Numbers for Lead Generation


Vanity numbers offer businesses a distinct and unique recall value. That’s because they feature an acronym of the company, the company name, description of the product and the name of the product. If you want to know a specific company's recall value, you can also know general information including that of the product. Using this distinct number, marketing departments can generate more customer leads effectively. That’s without having to incur extra expenses to cover up for the differences.


Several independent researchers have published information, which shows that a vanity phone number is one effective method. It increases potential customer response rates to your company's advertising campaigns. According to these studies, if you add a vanity number to your business marketing campaigns, you can expect a 30% increase in response rates from potential clients.


Moreover, individuals and companies all over the US can use vanity numbers for lead generation. For example, marketing teams can get these numbers and get to know what potential customers are looking for.


In addition, when a company uses a vanity number, they will receive more calls from potential customers than when using regular phone numbers. As a business, when you receive these calls, you can use them to create plenty of opportunities and solutions that consumers are looking for. You’ll build your brand and enhance the reputation of your business.


How Vanity Numbers Help In Lead Generation: Effects on Marketing


Vanity numbers and toll-free numbers work in similar ways. However, vanity numbers enable a company to get more requests for services from customers. For example, potential buyers are more likely to remember and dial a vanity number and ask for product quotes, details and special offers that your company may be offering. They can also ask your customer service team any useful information about your products, which increases the chances of them buying products.


Therefore, a successful Vanity number campaign can ensure that your marketing campaigns are more successful. When your marketing team uses this marketing campaign effectively, you'll be able to get a large database of potential customer leads.


Moreover, if a company wants to advertise its products or services, they can choose to use vanity numbers in their marketing promotions. For example, the company's vanity number can be offered on TV ads, radio ads, the Internet and in newspapers. People can also spread it by word of mouth. That means a vanity number provides you with a chance to get more leads for your business fast and easily.


Why Businesses Should Use Vanity Numbers


If you're trying to build a solid reputation for your business, having a vanity number is a straightforward way of telling your customers and prospects that you're a serious brand. It shows that you're dedicated to offering clients with high-quality services.


Calling these numbers is affordable and they can be incorporated with many VoIP service providers. They enable you to enjoy a technological flexibility that a local number can’t provide. However, some clients may want to use a local number, meaning you need to have one as well.


Vanity numbers provide you with ultimate flexibility. Your company may be providing services around several states. That means if a customer calls the vanity number, the call will be directed to the office smartphone or cell phone. It means you'll enjoy total portability as you offer the best customer care service.


You’ll boost your sales. Studies have shown that inbound calls return 10 times more revenue than web leads. That means if you boost your calls, you will improve your chances of getting more sales.


They tell customers who you are. It enables prospects to know the specific services that you offer. However, you should make sure you incorporate your business services well in the vanity number. The best examples include 2-766-MECHANIC or 1-355-DENTIST. Make sure you keep them simple to enable potential customers to remember them.


Wrapping Up


If you want to build a solid reputation for your company, increase sales and make a profit, you should use an effective marketing campaign to generate leads and get more prospective customers. Using a vanity phone number, your business will be able to get the best returns. Vanity numbers are easy to recall and receive a high level of attention from potential customers. Your marketing team will find it easy to track customer preferences and choices, meaning you will make the necessary changes to meet their needs.


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