Why should your office pay attention to the power of print?
3rd November 2018
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We are living in the digital age, so it doesn’t make sense when a company comes up with a great print campaign idea. However, before dissecting their views, why don't we take a look at some surprising facts and figures? You will undoubtedly find these stats exciting and somewhat astounding because they prove that print is still prominent. Everywhere we look, we see people with their heads buried in the smartphones. People are spending their entire lives on the web. They have apps and gadgets for everything starting from monitoring their blood pressure to cleaning their rooms.

Who still needs print media?

At the same time, we will also find printers and different types of them in homes and offices. Some have built-in scanners; some have remote control options, some run on Wi-Fi, while others might even be capable of controlling the weather. Nonetheless, no office is swearing off print completely. In fact, a growing number of offices in NYC are currently moving away from placing digital printers in the central hub. Research shows that central printers not only demand more effort on the part of the employee, but they also contribute to a massive loss of resources. The offices that have central printers, almost all these printers run remotely. Visit Superior Resource printing companies in NYC to learn about printing technologies that can help your business campaigns.

An increasing number of these offices are moving the printers to employee desks to increase productivity and decrease wastage. Even when we love to share files remotely, view them on our tablets, we like to feel the weight of the paper when the time comes for the monthly reviews. Print provides the tangibility that digital media thoroughly lacks. The average New York office worker prints as many as 10,000 pages per year. The net cost of the process was around $725 a couple of years ago, but the advent of new technology has managed to make printing a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective method. As a result, the digital age that claims to be paper-less will always remain a myth to the modern man.

How is print still alive?

Technology never stops evolving much like life on earth. That has brought about a revolution of printing technology as well. We have seen generations of printers come and go. Today, we have finally stuck to a generation of printing devices that minimize energy consumption and maximize the output. Research shows that homes and offices in NYC are leaning towards all-in-one inkjet printers to optimize the printing process. Print and paper will always be relevant since electronic media fails to be 100% reliable. Mobile phones can run out of charge and tabs can conk off, that is why firms find it useful to keep sets of printed copies of the transcript for a presentation or a pitch. Offices still need to be able to produce hard copies, and that is a reality we must all accept. 

Why do businesses maintain a steady relationship with print?

Currently, over 5,200 people in New York work in printing presses and related fields. It is still a bustling business that is thriving due to the loyalty of several big firms and the necessities of small companies. Even the new-age startups are turning to print campaigns to approach local consumers. Print has a charm that makes brands approachable and "real" for their consumers. It is easy to create a new profile for a business online and rake up impressive followership, but print has the power to seal the deal. Customers still find the occasional season’s greetings mail, birthday card, anniversary wish, and thank you note special. Tangibility has become a rarity and designing bespoke cards for a business can make a mark that digital presence never does.

Business cards, thank you notes, special discount coupons and exclusive invites lose their importance when they are on a digital platform. It does not take much effort to edit the names and send the same card as an attachment via email to your followers, but printing something unique just for your customers and sending it via post is a sign of commitment. Businesses that value customer relations always pick print over digital formats when such occasions arise. The popularity and accessibility of digital media have made it a daily deal for everyone. As a result, print has garnered an exclusive personality that most customers like.

In the end

Print has not died. It has become rare and elite. It is the diamond of the media and entertainment world right now, and you just need to know how to refine it for the most brilliant shine. Certain ad concepts and campaign ideas will never see fruition solely on digital media. Without the intervention of print, many of the iconic advertising campaigns and brand activation events we speak of right now would never exist. So, before you embrace an all-digital campaign, you might want to reflect on the uniqueness of print once more.

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