Why HTML Templates and Themes
29th October 2018
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HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language which is mainly used for creating web pages. With the increasing technology, the demand for HTML websites also has been enhanced up to a great extent. This beautiful language not only has enabled the users in displaying their products on a larger scale but also has made it easy to check and compare various products as well. Usage of templates and themes while developing websites makes your web pages look more appealing and interactive. The introduction of HTML5 Templates has added more into the languages as it offers various new features that can help you out in making your website more fantastic.

You can easily buy HTML Website Templates and HTML Themes from the various online stores and use them for making your website look more appealing. And if you already have purchased HTML5 Templates and are now looking for customizing it, it is the perfect place you are at here. The only things that you need to have are perfection in writing coding. Let’s start with coding:

  • Get a code editor: It is one of the first and foremost things that you urgently required if you are looking for creating a webpage. Having a code editing app makes your task of coding much smoother.
  • Download and view your HTML Website Templates: Once you have purchased the different HTML Website Templates and HTML Themes, you need to download them on your device. Also, try to make Chrome as your default or preferred browser so that to make it much easier for you.
  • Editing: - Editing and customizing HTML templates and themes one of the next tasks so that to create your webpage as per your expectations.
  • Find Tag: - HTML tags play a critical task in writing codes for the language. So before going further, you need to find the card in the inspector for which you can use Inspection panel. One of the best things about using this inspector panel is that it makes your coding appearing more interactive. You can provide different tags for your name, age and different features you are going to add in your webpage. You can easily find the various lines of codes and page light up just by hovering the mouse over the coding.
  • Edit Tag: Once you have found the tag that is being required to customize, you can easily edit it just by using the index.html file in the Sublime text.
  • Repetition: Once you have done with the editing of one tag, you can further repeat the same procedure for editing other contents as well. The repeating session may include the following steps:
    • Inspection of the material that you are willing to revise
    • Identification of related tags
    • Location of tags on your HTML file
    • Edit code as per expectations
    • Add an image: Once done with the coding, the next thing that you need to do is to add the related photos to your webpage. Once you have successfully added pictures to your webpage save the file and refresh Chrome to see your picture over there.
    • Social media links: On the completion of the above process, i.e., code writing and edition and photos introduction, the next things you need to do here is to edit the social media links. The option for the addition of social media links is available at the top right corner of the templates from where you can easily use and manage it. Once done with the editing of these links don’t forget to save and refresh your site for further process.
    • Edit contact information and CV sections: Next thing you have to do hers is to change the contact information and CV sections if required any. Before going further, you first have to inspect every template and then do the necessary tasks later.
    • Copyright message editing: Once done with the entire process carefully, the next things that you need to do here is to edit your copyright message present in the footer of your coding. You can easily edit this copyright message just by making a right click on the copyright message and then further inspecting it. On the completion of the entire process carefully, you can show your content on your webpage.


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