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17th January 2013
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The folks at McCarthy Cars are experienced - 40 years worth of experience. So if they have some advice on buying a car, then I'm going to sit up and listen.

We can't all go new, so if buying new isn’t an option, then a used car is obviously the only other choice. But far from being "second choice", a used car can offer all of the same economy and safety at a fraction of the cost.

Finding support for a pre-loved model can also be easier, as our dealership with its nationwide network can quickly source parts and make repairs for you.

Here's a short list of what, in our opinion, are some of the best used cars on the market. We've focused on having low running costs, safety and performance rating, and their suitability for both drivers and passengers.

Ford Fiesta – Not only reliable, safe and comfy, the Fiesta also claims low running costs as a pre-loved model. From a quick nip out to the shops to a longer cross-country journey, the MPG as a used car is decent too. The added bonus of Ford models being hugely popular also makes finding replacement parts a breeze, especially for the ever popular and well selling Fiesta.

Ford Mondeo –With its all-round appeal, the Mondeo is just as affordable and reliable when purchased as a used model. Its generous legroom in the back is sure to be welcomed by every passenger, and with seven airbags that come as standard, protection is high on the agenda.  Pockets and storage spaces throughout the cabin are ideal for keeping bits and bobs in the car, and on both short and long journeys the Mondeo’s excellent fuel economy puts more mileage between fuel stops. 

Volkswagen Polo – VW have a reputation for building cars that last, and the Polo’s been consistently popular since it was first released. It’s  a highly dependable and comfortable model, with tons of family appeal – and you can count on any of VW’s efficient engines to keep you on the road for longer.

Mini Cooper – Mini models never lose their sense of fun, no matter what year they’re from. The Cooper is just as much of a joy to drive when it’s a used car, holding onto its generous level of fuel economy and compact yet powerful nature. On the inside, Mini builds its vehicles to last, and the hardwearing upholstery and smartly designed instrument panel won’t feel damaged or out of date after a few years. 

Nissan Qashqai – this car is an excellent choice for motorists who need a crossover without the cost. Japanese models have a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, and the Qashqai with its spacious interior and economical engine is just as ideal for the school run and the everyday commute as it is for long weekend drives and trips down the motorway. 

BMW 3 Series – All models since 2007 offer a comforting fuel economy and are just as smooth to drive, so opting for a slightly older BMW doesn’t mean that you’re missing out. It makes an ideal used car for executives and families alike, with a powerful engine and gearbox underneath all of that elegantly styled trim.

Visit McCarthy Cars for your next new or used car.

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