When you suddenly find yourself having to deal with Probate...
19th July 2016
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When a loved one passes away, for some people they not only need to deal with the distressing loss, but they also need to deal with all the administration of dealing with that person's estate. This is particularly true if you are an Executor of the Will, as you are the person legally responsible for making sure the instructions within the Will are adhered to.

In most cases, people won't have the experience of having done any of this before. This is where Will and Probate come in. They can help you you with clear free legal advice on what needs to be one after the passing of a loved one.

Will and Probate are available to support you with:

  • Identifying the tasks that need to take place after the death of a loved one
  • If your loved one left a Will, they can help you apply for Probate
  • If there isn't a Will, they'll help you apply for Letters of Administration
  • They can also help you plan for your own future after a loved one has passed away
So don't go through it all alone, contact Will and Probate for their help.
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