Wheel refurbishment and so much more - after sales service at Motor Village Croydon.
17th July 2017
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 It's so depressing.

You find your parking space, parallel park like a pro until you hear and feel that grinding of your wheels against the kerb. Way too many times I've got out the car afterwards and groaned at the state of the allow wheels as a result.

But you don't need to put up with this.

When you buy a car from Motor Village Croydon you not only get a vehicle that has been given a thorough once over (when it's from their used car stock) but you also get access to a whole host of after sales servicing.

So when you book your car in for its service and MOT, you could also ask the team to take a look at your wheels and refurbish them.

Why should you refurbish your wheels?

Not only will they look as good as new once they're done, which adds to the overall appeal of your car, but depending on the age, make and model of the car, and the type of wheel it has, it can also make a difference to the value of the car. If you're selling, it may just make it worth a little more money.

You really don't need to put up with having scraped and scratched wheels. Next time you book your car in for your service at Motor Village in Croydon, as the servicing team to refurbish your wheels while your car is there.

You'll get your car back looking good and feeling great!

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