What's the best car to get a first time driver?
11th March 2015
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So you've reached another milestone... another right of passage.. you've passed your drivers test, have your licence and can now get behing the wheel.

But now that you can drive without having to display those L-plates, what car should you invest in? The prerequisite for any driver is a decent, reliable vehicle, especially when you're taking to the road for the first time without your driving instructor alongside you.

The bottom line is though, that it's tough to find something that meets both your requirements and your budget.

McCarthy Cars can help! Here's our list of cars that we believe are great options for first time drivers. They are all in a low insurance bracket which means your insurance costs won't be as high as with other cars, and their designs and specifications are excellently suited to drivers with less experience on the road. 

Citroen Saxo - Is an older model of car, so one that could present you with a good deal. Fuel costs and insurance are very competitive, with under 25s enjoying a low insurance group for most models, and looks-wise it doesn't come up too badly either.

Mini - If MPG is something you're particularly concerned about then the diesel mini is a superb option with the one of the highest MPGs of any model overall. With the Mini's nippy shape and easy cornering learners who found manoeuvring challenging will love this car , and its safety record is excellent.

Fiat Punto - The fresh, sporty look of the Punto, as well as its in-car features Punto means it's a no brainer for both learners and new drivers alike. Its MPG performance in the diesel version is not to be sniffed at either.

Citroen C3 - Affordable as both a new and used vehicle, you really can't beat the C3 when it comes to safety. Its ABS, front/lateral front airbags, and a traction control system all come with the car as standard.

Renault Clio - We're not all completely confident with parking when we're new to driving, so for folks who lack confidence at reversing, the parking sensors that come as standard with the Clio are a Godsend. The Clio is reasonably priced to buy, insure and run, so is a fantastic all-round affordable model.

If you'd like more information or would like to test drive one of the models mentioned, get in touch with McCarthy Cars today.

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