What is my IP: Know Essential Details About Your IP
15th February 2019
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Most of us do not know about the importance of the IP address we use, so that is why we also never feel a need to see what our IP address is. Those you are unaware of this term, IP is known as Internet Protocol Address and it generally is a label which is in number form and it is given to every device which is connected to a computer network that utilizes Internet Protocol to communicate. The main functions of IP address are to host identification and send to address the location.

The version of IP address which was launched first is known as Internet Protocol Version 4 or IPv4. The addresses that are included in this kind of IP are 32 bit numbers, and the ranges that you can see of this version are from Class A to E. As on a daily basis, the usage of internet is rising rapidly so due to this high growth a new version of IP address has also been launched which is named as Internet Protocol Address Version 6 or IPv6. It contains the numbers of 128 bits. IP Addresses are written in such a numerical form that we all can easily reach them.


Different kinds of IP Addresses

There are two types in which IP Address can be classified. One type of IP Address is private which means that these type of addresses can be reused and are conserved by the Internet Engineering Taskforce. They are permanent and do not change unless there is an amendment in administration. They are permanent addresses for the local area network along with the corporate system. The second type of IP address is Public IP Address. These addresses keep on changing and can also be called as temporary IP addresses or short-term IP addresses. These type of IP addresses are provided to the computer every time it is connected to the World Wide Web (www).


The significance of knowing your IP address

Have you ever wondered about "Check my ip address", if you haven't then you should. Because knowing the details regarding your IP address, you can see how many other devices it is connected. If more devices are using the same IP address and someone tries to use it on a page that is harmful or cannot be opened, then you might also suffer.

By knowing the IP address of the device you are using, you can improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the website. If the same Backlinks or the links that are leading towards your site belong to the computers of same IP address, then you can get red flags, as well as the rank of the page, might fall. So you can check what is my IP Address to make sure all the backlinks are authentic and not spam. This will help you improve the page rank or the search engine optimization.


How to know What is my IP?

There are different ways in which you can check the IP address but to make sure you get the authentic results, What is my IP by https://smallseotools.com/what-is-my-ip/ is the best tool. It is a web-based tool, which can be utilized by anyone looking for his Internet Protocol Address. It neither charges you nor asks you to upgrade or buy any premium version. No kind of downloading is required, and there is also no complicated list of steps to follow.

As soon as you open What is my IP tool page, IP Address will be visible to you. Not only that, but this tool provides you with so many other details regarding the address. It tells about the hostname of your IP address, the location of the address in a map is shown to you, the country code, region, city, latitude, longitude, and origin, all of these things are shown to you by just a visit to What is my IP tool.

If you are looking for a convenient and 24/7 available easy way to see or get details about the comprehensive IP Address details, then this What is My IP is the perfect tool for you.

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