What are the qualities to judge the best menstrual cups?
16th November 2018
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A menstrual cup is an instrument or device used to flush out the bad blood or tissue from the human body. Normally females face a lot of problem in deciding which product to use as the product has to be used in a very sensitive area of the human body. Just like any other products, even here there is competition in manufacturers of these menstrual cups. 

The menstrual cups manufactured by different brands have been marked as the best alternative for feminine hygiene. Like any other product, even menstrual cups have some standards to prove them the best. Some of the standards are:

  • It should be made out of 100% BPA free material.
  • It should be eco- friendly and simultaneously easy to dispose of.
  • It should be hygienic even if it is reused.
  • It should be flexible to insert it or remove it from the human body easily.
  • The menstrual cup should be in a position to collect more and more blood and tissue waste from the human body without leaking it.   If this is possible, the females will be happy as they are not forced to change the menstrual cups frequently.  This also saves their valuable time and energy.
  • As the menstrual cup is used and reused for many times, there is a chance of bad smell coming from the menstrual cup. So always choose a good menstrual cup which does not encourage bad smell after cleaning and rinsing the menstrual cup.
  • It should of a size which correctly fits your vagina. However, it depends on the person purchasing it what type or size of the menstrual cup she is purchasing.
  • The texture of the menstrual cup should be in such a way that it does not harm the internal part when inserted or removed.
  • It should be economical. Always check the price of a product manufactured by other brand manufacturers. A slight change in price is acceptable between the brands but if there is a huge difference always try to find out the reasons for the difference.  A wise customer is one who makes the best use of the product with limited expenses.  So ensure you check all the product details like their usage, price, and availability. For a female, getting menstrual period is regular so doing homework before purchasing will always help in minimizing expenses.
  • Normally ISO is managed by International organization of Standardization.  These ISO standards are considered as the quality standard management system for medical devices. An ISO certification confirms the quality of the product will meet the requirements of the general public (females).
  • A company with B corporation certification manufacturing products that are mainly used to solve the social and environmental problems. The companies with such certification are bound to ensure that whatever they are manufacturing does not disturb the environment through its usage.

Make an informed choice

You can get Diva cup alternative in the market. You need to consider the best from the aspect of female hygiene.It is very difficult to check all the standards but following at least some will provide benefit to the user.



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