Wedding breakfasts to rival Brad & Angelina from Buffets by Design in Croydon!
24th September 2014
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After years of "will they" or "won't they", rumours and gossip, the big news this month was the Bradgelina wedding...

As one of the most talked about events this month, after photos were published exclusively in Hello magazine, it provided a whole host of discussions about every aspect - the dress, the cake, the ceremony... and of course the food!

Angelina Jolie told Hello magazine that as "the family" is the driving force for the family, the children needed to play a vital role in all aspects of the wedding too. So it wasn't just their contribution to the wedding dress that made up part of the day, they also had an input into the main centre piece of the wedding - the wedding breakfast.

The wedding breakfast clearly had the children's touch. It was an outdoor picnic with food chosen by the children and cooked by chefs. Local French hams and sea bass were the order of the day, in addition to pizzas and burgers. Guests were spoiled for choice when it came to desserts with three types of cake: a strawberry ice-cream cake, chocolate gâteaux and one flavoured with raspberries and fresh cream.

Ten-year old Pax even baked and decorated the wedding cake which had layers of vanilla and chocolate and frosted flowers.

The folks at Buffets by Design believe that catering for your wedding should be a unique and personal experience. Making your wedding day special is at the heart of the Buffets by Design approach.

Contact Buffets by Design today to discuss your needs for your special day.

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