Ways to Promote Your Mobile Hair Dressing Business In UK
6th June 2021
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The Covid-19 crisis has put pressure on hair-dressing businesses. Just like many other industries, the hair-dressing industry depends on close personal contact with customers. This has forced many people to shut down for a while during the Covid-19 curve’s peak which is not surprising considering how the virus is transmitted. As the UK is trying to emerge from lockdown measures, customers are finally getting a chance to visit salons and get their favorite hairdos again. Still, the hairdressing business industry will never be the same as social distancing needs to be maintained to prevent a third wave from going down. For these reasons, a spike in the demand for mobile hairdresser services is inevitable. If you are in the beauty industry, this is the perfect opportunity to take on the new challenge of growing mobile salon services. Investing in an application for your hairdressing business will not only make this difficult time for your business easier, but it’s also going to be rewarding in the long run. If this already got your interest, then scroll down for ways to promote your mobile hairdresser app.

Mobile Salons Pros and Cons

People in the beauty industry depend on their creativity to get the job done. If job circumstances don’t suit their creative process, they are more likely to struggle. While some people thrive in busy salon environments and lively atmosphere, others are more lone wolves who prefer working whenever they want, wherever they prefer. Before making a decision, here are some pros and cons for every hairdresser who is considering going mobile to take into account.

Pros of Going Mobile:

  1. Flexibility: Instead of opening up your salon and waiting for clients to come in, even on lazy days, going mobile allows much more flexibility. You have the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want.
  2. Building Stronger Relationships with Clients: You get the chance of meeting your clients at your place or theirs and bond on a personal level which makes it easier to build rapport and a loyal client base.
  3. Travel: Just like any freelancing job, you have the option to travel whenever you feel like it and still make a living.
  4. Fewer Costs: You can avoid the hassle of rent, employing any staff, and paying bills.

Cons of Going Mobile:

  1. Transportation Stress: Deciding to go mobile either means you will spend so much time behind wheels which leads to driving stress, or you will have to depend on many transportations means to get to your appointments.
  2. Lack of Staff: Going mobile means you have to do everything yourself from booking appointments to cleaning your own equipment.
  3. Inconsistency: Just like any freelancing job, you will have some busy and quiet periods.

Build Your Online Presence

Hairdressers had to rely only on ineffective advertising means and word-of-mouth. Nowadays, establishing an online presence is a must to attract clients. Building a website as a mobile hairdresser is basically your virtual shop window that can either invite clients in or repel them from trying out your services. This is why, your website must be mobile-, and user-friendly to ensure that everyone can easily use it to make appointments, check prices, read previous hairdresser reviews, and get to know whether your skills are suitable for them. Once you have established your online presence, attracting new clients and keeping in touch with existing ones is much easier and more effective.

Get the Word Out

Even in our digital-driven world, people still rely on word-of-mouth to identify astounding hairdressers from those who can barely handle a flat iron. However, it has taken a different shape and form. Make sure to encourage every client that is satisfied with your services to share their positive experiences with the world on your online website and other social platforms. This can be done in simpler ways by sharing a text you received from a happy client, posting Before and After photos, or encouraging your clients to tag you in their “new haircut” selfies.

Social Media is Key

Underestimating the power of social media platforms can only hurt your business. Setting a business Instagram account is essential for any hairdresser to be able to easily reach their target audience, promote their services, and communicate with their clients. Facebook and TikTok are also extremely important social media platforms every hairdresser should focus on to widen their audience pool and easily find new clients. Make sure to use local and relevant hashtags to promote your mobile salon and get the word out about your mobile hairdresser services.

Use SEO in Your Favor

Do you know the number of monthly searches for “hairdressers near me reviews”? It’s over 200k searches per month. Optimizing your website for Google and other search engines to get it to the top of search engine pages is extremely useful to grow your business and increase your numbers. For better optimization, it’s always smart to use the right keywords for your business. For example, UK hairdressers should focus on strategies that depend on their location to reach their target audience more efficiently. Also, shedding the light on your hairdresser reviews always helps clients in making a faster, more calculated decision when they are considering your services. Ranking on Google's top SERPs isn’t an easy task that can be done overnight. It’s a process that depends on certain strategies tailored for your business and the clientele you want to attract.

As a hairdresser, your services depend on skills and creativity. Choosing the best work terms for your creative process should be your priority instead of barely doing the bare minimum when you are stuck in a workplace you hate. While going mobile is a tough task, it still has its pros of leaving you the flexibility and space to thrive. Remember that you are allowed to ask for all the help you need from other professionals especially when you are trying to build a unique, user-friendly website that helps you in growing your business and establishing your name.



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