Warm weather leads to more personal theft in Croydon area.
29th July 2013
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Aside from the difficulty sleeping and general discomfort, the latest news headlines in the Croydon Guardian this week also put a bit of a more serious negative spin on all this warm weather we've been having.

Apparently personal theft of jewellery and other personal items increases quite considerably when the temperature rises. This is because people are obviously wearing less clothing and have more on show, making them a more attractive target for unscrupulous thieves looking for their next victim.

Most at risk tend to be Asian women, predominantly because of the high quality and value of the gold jewellery many Asian women wear.

So being aware of this when you're out and about is key - either make sure your very expensive jewellery is covered by your clothing when you're out and about, or leave it securely at home.

But that brings me onto another very important issue.

The other thing we tend to do when the weather is as warm as it has been is throw open the doors and windows at home... and let's face it, there's been at least one time where we've forgotten to close all of them before we head out. Or is that just me?!

Getting an alarm fitted in your home is a great step to making it more secure and less attractive to burglars. And what's more, at the very least, if you happen to leave a window open but set your alarm before you leave, you have something to alert your neighbours (or if your system is monitored, this is even more effective as the expected response will automatically take place) should someone gain entry to your property. It's that extra level of safety - burglars are less likely to target your house if you have an alarm and leave you alone.

J-Tech Systems will design, install, and maintain alarm systems which fully comply with current legislation, which perform entirely as expected, and which , with proper maintenance, will last for years.

For that added peace of mind, why not give J-Tech Systems a call and see what they can do for you.

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