Want to go ice fishing? Select the best ice auger
14th November 2018
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Most of us wait eagerly for the winter chill.  While a cooler temperature is perfect to sit back and enjoy the winter, the season doesn’t leave us much scope with outdoor activities. You can't shoot the hoops and neither can you play golf. But there's something more interesting that you can do. You can gather your best buddies, make a portable shelter in the middle of a frozen lake and drill a hole into the cold, ice. And you can enjoy the bliss of ice fishing.


Ice fishing around the world


A favorite winter sport for many, ice fishing has a lot to do with camaraderie. It adds a wave of excitement in the otherwise cold winter. But you need to plan this activity, with the right people, at the right place and using the proper ice fishing equipment and gears. Else you won't be able to live up to the fun of it.


North America and Northern Europe are popular places for ice fishing. Few names that are synonymous to ice fishing are Minnesota, Canada, Alaska, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Few of the well-known North American lakes for ice-fishing are the Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota, Lake Simcoe in Canada, Lake Houghton in Michigan, Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and Lake Champlain in New York.


Ice fishing and the Ice Auger


Are you planning for an ice fishing tour during this winter? If yes, one of the must-have equipment is the ice auger or drill. You have to drill holes with it in the ice so that you can have access to the lake trout and the pike, residing deep inside the icy layers.


Today, you have plenty of ice augers to select from. You have the scope to choose from a power auger to a hand auger! And just in case you are opting in for the power auger you will also have to determine the propane, gas and the electric models to know the best auger for you. And to understand and read more on this, you can be online and browse through Best Ice Auger 2018 (Manual, Gas, Electric & Propane) - Tackle.org and other similar websites.


How to determine which is the best ice auger for you?


If you want to decide on the best ice auger for you, it is essential for you to know the three basic kinds of augers available. They are as follows:


1.      Manual Auger

If you are planning to use this, you will need an enormous amount of physical strength. Most people opt-in for a manual auger when they have to be in a remote region for ice fishing, it's because this auger type doesn't need any extra energy source.


2.      Gas Auger

A gas auger offers the quickest way to drill right through the ice. It is heavy-weight but very reliable. Since it gives out gas, it might end up polluting the environment. However, with a gas auger in use, you can always have your manual auger as a necessary back-up.


3.      Electric Auger

An electric auger would cost you more, but it comes with its set of benefits. There's no noise generated. Since its electrically powered, the equipment needs zero energy input. Furthermore, an electric auger is eco-friendly, and it makes no sound. This device doesn’t produce oil fumes as well. The only disadvantage is that the moment the battery level goes down, the auger doesn't perform to its full capacity.


Buying an ice auger


Have you decided to buy an ice auger? If yes, then you need to look into certain features before making a final choice.


  • Weight

There are different types of augers, and their weights vary from one another! The lightest is the electric auger, and the manual drill happens to be the heaviest.


  • Blade size

When it comes to drills, its blade size depends on the fish size you are aiming for. The size varies between six and ten inches. The one with the ten inches blade is the best option when you want to fish for big species. It helps to dig a huge hole on the ice layer. The ten-inch blade auger can drill a fifty percent bigger hole than the one done with an eight-inch blade


  • Fuel technology

Do you want to go ice fishing in remote locations? Using a manual auger is the best idea. Here you don't have to depend on the batter like an electric auger. Its use entirely depends on the battery capacity.


  • Blade sharpness

Do you want to get the best outcome when you’re using an ice auger? If yes, then make sure that the blade is sharp. It will help to drill right through the ice fast and with great ease. The number of times you get the blades changed is dependent on the count of holes you drill. Today you have access to sharpening jigs to get the blades sharpened. Replacing the same is easy as well.


  • Using other accessories with the ice auger

Often people are curious to know whether they can make use of a different set of accessories with their ice augers! The answer is yes. People can add their choicest accessories to the ice augers to cater to their requirements. For instance, you might want to opt-in for an extension to make sure that when you travel to areas with thick ice, you will be able to add in an extension. This way the auger can drill a hole close to the water level.


Experts and seasoned users of ice augers always recommend using a head cover for the equipment.  This cover plays an instrumental role in averting the plastic elements of the ice auger from becoming brittle. Furthermore, it also saves the auger from getting exhausted.


Additionally, you also need to invest in the repair and maintenance of the ice augers. When you purchase the equipment, it comes with a basic guarantee and warranty. It's your ice fishing tour frequency that will determine your repair and maintenance requirements and costs. So, you need to be prepared to shell out capital for that as well. Today, there are branded augers available online for you to select and purchase. Browse online and choose the one that best suits your requirements, preference and budget capacity. 


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