Want to Change Careers? 9 Tips on Taking the Plunge
25th July 2019
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After many years of working in a particular company, you might feel that it is time for you to make a significant change. You think that you have exhausted all your efforts and you will burst any time. Maybe it’s time for you to get out and look for something new. A career coach can help you figure out what to do next. You can either pursue a new career to find a new job. To determine the right solution - career change or a new job, you can consult experts and seek their advice. You can also check out uk.jobsora.com. They are experts in helping people and giving advice when it comes to career change and finding the right job.


Nine tips on changing your career

If you think it is time to change your career, then you need to think and consider many factors before taking into the plunge. Making a significant career change is a daunting leap. That’s why you need to prepare yourself on the new changes. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

Talk to someone who just left the company and get objective

Be very objective in your present workplace. Many people focus only on the negatives when they are angry. They fail to see the positives - where they work, the benefits of their work and their boss.

When people leave a company, the only thing they could remember are the wrong things. But a year later they have a different point of view about the company they left. Talking to someone who left the company a year ago is a good idea if you are considering leaving an organization. You will have a better view of whether it is a good idea to go and change career or you need some rest from your work.

Write down what you are expecting or looking for

You have to have a visualization of what you want. It will help if you list down what you have on your current job and what you are expecting in your next position or career. If you feel you are not learning from your present job, that could be a sign. The technology has made everything much easier now. So, if you are still on the traditional way of doing your job and it is not helping you to grow, then maybe it is time for you to pack your things.

Try new things or new process in doing your job

If you think you can do more if you learn added skills or earn some knowledge about the latest on handling your work, then you probably need to talk to your boss. It is much easier to learn new things if you are hands on. If you are in a marketing job, but you are interested in getting into programming, it could help if you talk to your IT specialist and ask him if you can watch him as he works.

Don’t forget to sign up on LinkedIn

Lots of companies use LinkedIn to find people. If you already have a profile, but you cannot find your name when searching a term, probably it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile. You can also check the profiles listed on the top and then make some changes on your profile.

The number of years in a job is a vital factor

If you leave your job after working at a company for just six months, then your chances of getting another job are less. Employers think you will do the same thing to them if you are not satisfied with your job. If you are not happy with the new job, you need to be positive. Otherwise, you can say it’s a unique experience, and you want to learn more.

Education is the key! It may be hard, but it's worth it

You can study at night while working in the morning. The result of your sacrifices will be remarkable. Doing something that you want will give you a happier, satisfied, and contented life.

Age is just a number

Even if you are 50 or 60, you can still learn a lot of things. Don’t give up on your dreams because of your age. Some people still go to work even if they are old unless they have huge savings.

Selling your curriculum vitae

There are two reasons why you are not getting an answer from the jobs you applied. One is you are applying for the wrong job, and second, your CV is not good enough. It is crucial that you show them why you are the best for the job. Your CV should be able to show what they can get from hiring you.

Impress them during the interview

Within the first 20 seconds of your job interview, you can either get the job or lose it. You need to be very well-prepared, dress well, and apply good manners during the interview. Be yourself and relax. 


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