Want targeted prospects on your website by tomorrow? Use a blog says Claire Jarrett at Marketing By Web.
12th September 2012
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Blogs get onto the Front Page of Google - fast.

And they stay there.

Just to give you an example, my blog about Stopping Competitors Clicking your AdWords adverts is on the front page for keyword terms such as "competitors clicking on AdWords", "click competitors adwords", "how to stop competitors clicking on my AdWords" and similar. Written 18 months ago, it was on the front page within 24 hours and has stayed there since. Just that one blog brings me between 100 to 150 visitors per month. By committing to regular blogging, you can soon start to see that a well maintained and carefully thought out blog will bring you targeted traffic DAILY!

I guarantee that there are questions people would type into Google right now that you can answer in a blog post. Once they're on your website reading your answer, you can then get them to pick up the phone and call or opt-in to your newsletter. Get leads the easy way!

Why not email or call me now on 0845 4851259, and I will suggest to you some questions that will bring you clients TOMORROW?

However niche your market (in fact sometimes the more niche the better) - prospects are looking for answers NOW. Answer them today, and you will reap the benefits.

To discuss how Marketing By Web can help by creating a blog website and then publishing regular focused blogs for you, email or call us now on 0845 4851259.

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